DC3 is a creative design studio that specialises in crafting photo-realistic architectural visuals within the building and property development industries.

For 20 years DC3 has collaborated with architects, designers, and property developers to produce high quality marketing content to agreed budgets and invariably tight deadlines for residential, commercial and retail projects.

Our reason for being is to create visuals that not only make our clients projects look great, but ultimately sells their work to the right target audience. Our visuals can be used for marketing and sales purposes, before and after project completion.

Our skill set encompasses several design and architecture-based disciplines which  gives us a competitive edge in the market. Our design and architecture background enables us to offer more than just a modelling and render service. We bring design and styling consideration to everything we do. This practically translates into an ability to understand what our clients are trying to achieve. We are able to highlight and resolve design issues before they become costly. We deliver high quality results in a timely manner to meet our clients’ deadlines.

About Landing


Still images communicate and market your design artistically with photo-real precision. This gets stakeholders interested and involved early and throughout the marketing and development phases.

Still Life

When your images require more life, we transform them into a DC3 Still Life. By adding subtle movement with areas of animation to your current still images, you can break new ground with your target market to increase engagement on social media and pre-launch campaigns.


When your development requires in-depth exploration and movement to tell the full story, there is no better solution than DC3 Motion. We take you on a cinematic experience, transporting the viewer through the architecture and animating elements throughout their journey.


Let’s get into the space and virtually experience it.  Create  an interactive journey through Web 360 tours or real time engagement. Before construction has even commenced, DC3 Interactive allows our audience to walk into the space, understand its scale and interact within different areas of the development’s architecture.


Our passionate team comprises of interior designers, product designers, architects, and digital specialists. We are united through our love of design and the desire to express ourselves through the medium of 3D, to deliver visual stories of the unbuilt environment.