Bonner House

Woden ACT

Bonner House. One of a kind commercial space in Canberra.

Introducing the one of a kind architectural masterpiece that is pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

Bonner House is a breathtaking fusion of technological innovation, superior craftsmanship, and artistic expression. With its sleek lines, seamless transitions, and attention to detail, this commercial development is certainly unrivaled in the industry.

The extended double volume canopy from the ground floor demands attention and invites exploration of the dynamic development. This seamless integration of restaurants onto the bustling street imbues the area with energy, seamlessly flowing into the lobby and connecting tenants. Bonner House is a stunning example of form and function in perfect harmony.

Crafted with a skilled eye for detail, the sleek design of Bonner House captures the essence of opulence and refinement, effortlessly enhancing the Canberra skyline. The façade, created from faceted glass panes, reflect the vibrant hues of the surrounding landscape, adding a touch of artistry to the urban atmosphere. Unquestionably, Bonner House’s exceptional finishes set it apart from its contemporaries, proving its status as one of Woden’s most coveted properties.

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Working with precision and attention to detail to capture the essence of the building’s character, a balance of overall renders as well as vignettes were produced, showcasing intricate details and allowing them to come to life, while still maintaining the overall aesthetic of the structure and communicating the world class amenities.

Using minimalism as a guiding principle, the vignettes highlight the harmony between design elements with immaculate attention to detail, accentuating every aspect of the development.


Bonner House showcases the incredible ingenuity and aesthetic talent of its collaborators, making it a stunning addition to any architectural portfolio. Its distinctive features are sure to attract admiration and discussion for years to come. As contributors, it was an honor to witness the vision for this amazing project come to life through stunning renders.